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Letters A-Z and More

A listing of Letters Character Entities
CodeGlyphDecimal or HexHTMLDescription
U+x0041AAlatin capital letter A
U+x00C0ÀÀÀlatin capital letter A with grave
U+x00C1ÁÁÁlatin capital letter A with an acute
U+x00C2ÂÂÂlatin capital letter A with circumflex
U+x00C3ÃÃÃlatin capital letter A with tilde
U+x00C4ÄÄÄlatin capital letter A with diaeresis
U+x00C5ÅÅÅlatin capital letter A with ring above
U+x0100ĀĀlatin capital letter A with macron
U+x0102ĂĂlatin capital letter A with breve
U+x0104ĄĄlatin capital letter A with ogonek
U+x01CDǍǍlatin capital letter A with a caron
U+x1EA0Ạlatin capital letter A with dot below
U+x0061aalatin small letter A
U+x00E0àààlatin small letter a with grave
U+x00E1ááálatin small letter a with an acute
U+x00E2âââlatin small letter a with circumflex
U+x00E3ãããlatin small letter a with tilde
U+x00E4ääälatin small letter a with diaeresis
U+x00E5ååålatin small letter a with ring above
U+x0101āālatin small letter A with macron
U+x0103ăălatin small letter A with breve
U+x0105ąąlatin small letter A with ogonek
U+x01CEǎǎlatin small letter a with a caron
U+x1EA1ạlatin small letter a with dot below
U+x0042BBlatin capital letter B
U+x1E02Ḃlatin capital letter B with dot above
U+x1E04Ḅlatin capital letter B with dot below
U+x0062bblatin small letter B
U+x1E03ḃlatin small letter B with dot above
U+x1E05ḅlatin small letter b with dot below
U+x0043CClatin capital letter C
U+x00C7ÇÇÇlatin capital letter C with cedilla
U+x0106ĆĆlatin capital letter C with an acute
U+x0108ĈĈlatin capital letter C with circumflex
U+x010AĊĊlatin capital letter C with dot above
U+x010CČČlatin capital letter C with caron
U+x0063cclatin small letter C
U+x00E7çççlatin small letter c with cedilla
U+x0107ććlatin small letter C with an acute
U+x0109ĉĉlatin small letter C with circumflex
U+x010Bċċlatin small letter C with dot above
U+x010Dččlatin small letter C with caron
CodeGlyphDecimal or HexHTMLDescription
U+x0044DDlatin capital letter D
U+x010EĎĎlatin capital letter D with caron
U+x0110ĐĐlatin capital letter D with stroke
U+x1E0AḊlatin capital letter D with dot above
U+x1E0cḌlatin capital letter D with dot below
U+x0064ddlatin small letter D
U+x010Fďďlatin small letter D with caron
U+x0111đđlatin small letter D with stroke
U+x1E0Bḋlatin small letter D with dot above
U+x1E0dḍlatin small letter d with dot below
U+x0045EElatin capital letter E
U+x00C8ÈÈÈlatin capital letter E with grave
U+x00C9ÉÉÉlatin capital letter E with an acute
U+x00CAÊÊÊlatin capital letter E with circumflex
U+x00CBËËËlatin capital letter E with diaeresis
U+x0112ĒĒlatin capital letter E with macron
U+x0114ĔĔlatin capital letter E with breve
U+x0116ĖĖlatin capital letter E with dot above
U+x0118ĘĘlatin capital letter E with ogonek
U+x011AĚĚlatin capital letter E with caron
U+x1EB8Ẹlatin capital letter E with dot below
U+x0065eelatin small letter E
U+x00E8èèèlatin small letter e with grave
U+x00E9ééélatin small letter e with an acute
U+x00EAêêêlatin small letter e with circumflex
U+x00EBëëëlatin small letter e with diaeresis
U+x0113ēēlatin small letter E with macron
U+x0115ĕĕlatin small letter E with breve
U+x0117ėėlatin small letter E with dot above
U+x0119ęęlatin small letter E with ogonek
U+x011Běělatin small letter E with caron
U+x1EB9ẹlatin small letter e with dot below
U+x0046FFlatin capital letter F
U+x1E1EḞlatin capital letter F with dot above
U+x0066fflatin small letter F
U+x1E1Fḟlatin small letter F with dot above
&#131 is non-standard! use ƒ instead!
U+x0192ƒƒƒlatin small letter F with hook
CodeGlyphDecimal or HexHTMLDescription
U+x0047GGlatin capital letter G
U+x011CĜĜlatin capital letter G with circumflex
U+x011EĞĞlatin capital letter G with breve
U+x0120ĠĠlatin capital letter G with dot above
U+x0122ĢĢlatin capital letter G with cedilla
U+x01E6ǦǦlatin capital letter G with a caron
U+x01F4ǴǴlatin capital letter G with an acute
U+x1E20Ḡlatin capital letter G with macron above
U+x0067gglatin small letter G
U+x011Dĝĝlatin small letter G with circumflex
U+x011Fğğlatin small letter G with breve
U+x0121ġġlatin small letter G with dot above
U+x0123ģģlatin small letter G with cedilla
U+x01E7ǧǧlatin small letter g with a caron
U+x01F5ǵǵlatin small letter g with an acute
U+x1E21ḡlatin small letter g with macron above
U+x0048HHlatin capital letter H
U+x0124ĤĤlatin capital letter H with circumflex
U+x0126ĦĦlatin capital letter H with stroke
U+x1E22Ḣlatin capital letter H with dot above
U+x1E26Ḧlatin capital letter H with diaeresis above
U+x1E24Ḥlatin capital letter H with dot below
U+x0068hhlatin small letter H
U+x0125ĥĥlatin small letter H with circumflex
U+x0127ħħlatin small letter H with stroke
U+x1E23ḣlatin small letter H with dot above
U+x1E27ḧlatin small letter H with diaeresis above
U+x1E25ḥlatin small letter h with dot below
U+x0049IIlatin capital letter I
U+x00CCÌÌÌlatin capital letter I with grave
U+x00CDÍÍÍlatin capital letter I with an acute
U+x00CEÎÎÎlatin capital letter I with circumflex
U+x00CFÏÏÏlatin capital letter I with diaeresis
U+x0128ĨĨlatin capital letter I with tilde
U+x012AĪĪlatin capital letter I with macron
U+x012CĬĬlatin capital letter I with breve
U+x012EĮĮlatin capital letter I with ogonek
U+x0130İİlatin capital letter I with dot above
U+x01CFǏǏlatin capital letter I with a caron
U+x1ECAỊlatin capital letter I with dot below
U+x0069iilatin small letter I
U+x00ECìììlatin small letter i with grave
U+x00EDííílatin small letter i with an acute
U+x00EEîîîlatin small letter i with circumflex
U+x00EFïïïlatin small letter i with diaeresis
U+x0129ĩĩlatin small letter I with tilde
U+x012Bīīlatin small letter I with macron
U+x012Dĭĭlatin small letter I with breve
U+x012Fįįlatin small letter I with ogonek
U+x0131ıılatin small letter dotless I
U+x01D0ǐǐlatin small letter i with a caron
U+x1ECBịlatin small letter i with dot below
CodeGlyphDecimal or HexHTMLDescription
U+x004AJJlatin capital letter J
U+x0134ĴĴlatin capital letter J with circumflex
U+x006Ajjlatin small letter J
U+x0135ĵĵlatin small letter J with circumflex
U+x004BKKlatin capital letter K
U+x0136ĶĶlatin capital letter K with cedilla
U+x01E8ǨǨlatin capital letter K with a caron
U+x1E32Ḳlatin capital letter K with dot below
U+x1E30Ḱlatin capital letter K with acute above
U+x006Bkklatin small letter K
U+x0137ķķlatin small letter K with cedilla
U+x01E9ǩǩlatin small letter k with a caron
U+x1E33ḳlatin small letter k with dot below
U+x1E31ḱlatin small letter K with acute above
U+x004CLLlatin capital letter L
U+x0139ĹĹlatin capital letter L with an acute
U+x013BĻĻlatin capital letter L with cedilla
U+x013DĽĽlatin capital letter L with caron
U+x013FĿĿlatin capital letter L with middle dot
U+x0141ŁŁlatin capital letter L with stroke
U+x1E36Ḷlatin capital letter L with dot below
U+x006Clllatin small letter L
U+x013Aĺĺlatin small letter L with an acute
U+x013Cļļlatin small letter L with cedilla
U+x013Eľľlatin small letter L with caron
U+x0140ŀŀlatin small letter L with middle dot
U+x0142łłlatin small letter L with stroke
U+x1E37ḷlatin small letter l with dot below
U+x004DMMlatin capital letter M
U+x1E42Ṃlatin capital letter M with dot below
U+x1E3EḾlatin capital letter M with acute above
U+x1E40Ṁlatin capital letter M with dot above
U+x006Dmmlatin small letter M
U+x1E43ṃlatin small letter m with dot below
U+x1E3Fḿḿlatin small letter M with acute above
U+x1E41ṁlatin small letter M with dot above
CodeGlyphDecimal or HexHTMLDescription
U+x004ENNlatin capital letter N
U+x00D1ÑÑÑlatin capital letter N with tilde
U+x0143ŃŃlatin capital letter N with an acute
U+x0145ŅŅlatin capital letter N with cedilla
U+x0147ŇŇlatin capital letter N with caron
U+x1E44Ṅlatin capital letter N with dot above
U+x1E46Ṇlatin capital letter N with dot below
U+x006Ennlatin small letter N
U+x00F1ñññlatin small letter n with tilde
U+x0144ńńlatin small letter N with an acute
U+x0146ņņlatin small letter N with cedilla
U+x0148ňňlatin small letter N with caron
U+x0149ʼnʼnlatin small letter N preceded by apostrophe (deprecated)
U+x1E45ṅlatin small letter N with dot above
U+x1E47ṇlatin small letter n with dot below
CodeGlyphDecimal or HexHTMLDescription
U+x004FOOlatin capital letter O
U+x00D2ÒÒÒlatin capital letter O with grave
U+x00D3ÓÓÓlatin capital letter O with an acute
U+x00D4ÔÔÔlatin capital letter O with circumflex
U+x00D5ÕÕÕlatin capital letter O with tilde
U+x00D6ÖÖÖlatin capital letter O with diaeresis
U+x00D8ØØØlatin capital letter O with slash
U+x014CŌŌlatin capital letter O with macron
U+x014EŎŎlatin capital letter O with breve
U+x0150ŐŐlatin capital letter O with double acute
U+x01D1ǑǑlatin capital letter O with a caron
U+x1ECCỌlatin capital letter O with dot below
U+x006Foolatin small letter O
U+x00F2òòòlatin small letter o with grave
U+x00F3óóólatin small letter o with an acute
U+x00F4ôôôlatin small letter o with circumflex
U+x00F5õõõlatin small letter o with tilde
U+x00F6ööölatin small letter o with diaeresis
U+x00F8øøølatin small letter o with slash
U+x014Dōōlatin small letter O with macron
U+x014Fŏŏlatin small letter O with breve
U+x0151őőlatin small letter O with double acute
U+x01D2ǒǒlatin small letter o with a caron
U+x1ECDọlatin small letter o with dot below
U+x0050PPlatin capital letter P
U+x1E54Ṕlatin capital letter P with acute above
U+x1E56Ṗlatin capital letter P with dot above
U+x0070pplatin small letter P
U+x1E55ṕlatin small letter P with acute above
U+x1E57ṗlatin small letter P with dot above
U+x0051QQlatin capital letter Q
U+x0071qqlatin small letter Q
U+x0052RRlatin capital letter R
U+x0154ŔŔlatin capital letter R with an acute
U+x0156ŖŖlatin capital letter R with cedilla
U+x0158ŘŘlatin capital letter R with caron
U+x1E58Ṙlatin capital letter R with dot above
U+x1E5aṚlatin capital letter R with dot below
U+x0072rrlatin small letter R
U+x0155ŕŕlatin small letter R with an acute
U+x0157ŗŗlatin small letter R with cedilla
U+x0159řřlatin small letter R with caron
U+x1E59ṙlatin small letter R with dot above
U+x1E5bṛlatin small letter r with dot below
U+x0053SSlatin capital letter S
U+x015AŚŚlatin capital letter S with an acute
U+x015CŜŜlatin capital letter S with circumflex
U+x015EŞŞlatin capital letter S with cedilla
&#138 is non-standard! use Š instead!
U+x0160ŠŠŠlatin capital letter S with caron
U+x1E62Ṣlatin capital letter S with dot below
U+x1E60Ṡlatin capital letter S with dot above
U+x0073sslatin small letter S
U+x015Bśślatin small letter S with an acute
U+x015Dŝŝlatin small letter S with circumflex
U+x015Fşşlatin small letter S with cedilla
&#154 is non-standard! use š instead!
U+x0161šššlatin small letter S with caron
U+x1E63ṣlatin small letter s with dot below
U+x1E61ṡlatin small letter S with dot above
CodeGlyphDecimal or HexHTMLDescription
U+x0054TTlatin capital letter T
U+x0162ŢŢlatin capital letter T with cedilla
U+x0164ŤŤlatin capital letter T with caron
U+x0166ŦŦlatin capital letter T with stroke
U+x1E6AṪlatin capital letter T with dot above
U+x1E6cṬlatin capital letter T with dot below
U+x0074ttlatin small letter T
U+x0163ţţlatin small letter T with cedilla
U+x0165ťťlatin small letter T with caron
U+x0167ŧŧlatin small letter T with stroke
U+x1E6Bṫlatin small letter T with dot above
U+x1E6dṭlatin small letter t with dot below
U+x0055UUlatin capital letter U
U+x00D9ÙÙÙlatin capital letter U with grave
U+x00DAÚÚÚlatin capital letter U with an acute
U+x00DBÛÛÛlatin capital letter U with circumflex
U+x00DCÜÜÜlatin capital letter U with diaeresis
U+x0168ŨŨlatin capital letter U with tilde
U+x016AŪŪlatin capital letter U with macron
U+x016CŬŬlatin capital letter U with breve
U+x016EŮŮlatin capital letter U with ring above
U+x0170ŰŰlatin capital letter U with double acute
U+x0172ŲŲlatin capital letter U with ogonek
U+x01D3ǓǓlatin capital letter U with a caron
U+x1EE4Ụlatin capital letter U with dot below
U+x0075uulatin small letter U
U+x00F9ùùùlatin small letter u with grave
U+x00FAúúúlatin small letter u with an acute
U+x00FBûûûlatin small letter u with circumflex
U+x00FCüüülatin small letter u with diaeresis
U+x0169ũũlatin small letter U with tilde
U+x016Būūlatin small letter U with macron
U+x016Dŭŭlatin small letter U with breve
U+x016Fůůlatin small letter U with ring above
U+x0171űűlatin small letter U with double acute
U+x0173ųųlatin small letter U with ogonek
U+x01D4ǔǔlatin small letter u with a caron
U+x1EE5ụlatin small letter u with dot below
U+x0056VVlatin capital letter V
U+x1E7CṼlatin capital letter V with tilde above
U+x1E7EṾlatin capital letter V with dot below
U+x0076vvlatin small letter V
U+x1E7Dṽlatin small letter V with tilde above
U+x1E7Fṿṿlatin small letter v with dot below
U+x0057WWlatin capital letter W
U+x0174ŴŴlatin capital letter W with circumflex
U+x1E88Ẉlatin capital letter W with dot below
U+x1E80Ẁlatin capital letter W with grave above
U+x1E82Ẃlatin capital letter W with acute above
U+x1E84Ẅlatin capital letter W with diaeresis above
U+x1E86Ẇlatin capital letter W with dot above
U+x0077wwlatin small letter W
U+x0175ŵŵlatin small letter W with circumflex
U+x1E85ẅlatin small letter W with diaeresis above
U+x1E89ẉlatin small letter w with dot below
U+x1E81ẁlatin small letter W with grave above
U+x1E83ẃlatin small letter W with acute above
U+x1E87ẇlatin small letter W with dot above
U+x0058XXlatin capital letter X
U+x1E8AẊlatin capital letter X with dot above
U+x1E8CẌlatin capital letter X with diaeresis above
U+x0078xxlatin small letter X
U+x1E8Bẋlatin small letter X with dot above
U+x1E8Dẍlatin small letter X with diaeresis above
U+x0059YYlatin capital letter Y
U+x00DDÝÝÝlatin capital letter Y with an acute
U+x0176ŶŶlatin capital letter Y with circumflex
&#159 is non-standard! use Ÿ instead!
U+x0178ŸŸŸlatin capital letter Y with diaeresis
U+x1E8EẎlatin capital letter Y with dot above
U+x1EF2Ỳlatin capital letter Y with grave above
U+x1EF8Ỹlatin capital letter Y with tilde above
U+x0232ȲȲlatin capital letter Y with macron above
U+x1EF4Ỵlatin capital letter Y with dot below
U+x0079yylatin small letter Y
U+x00FDýýýlatin small letter y with an acute
U+x0177ŷŷlatin small letter Y with circumflex
U+x00FFÿÿÿlatin small letter y with diaeresis
U+x1E8Fẏlatin small letter Y with dot above
U+x1EF3ỳlatin small letter Y with grave above
U+x1EF9ỹlatin small letter Y with tilde above
U+x0233ȳȳlatin small letter y with macron above
U+x1EF5ỵlatin small letter y with dot below
U+x005AZZlatin capital letter Z
U+x0179ŹŹlatin capital letter Z with an acute
U+x017BŻŻlatin capital letter Z with dot above
&#142 is non-standard! use Ž instead!
U+x017DŽŽlatin capital letter Z with caron
U+x1E92Ẓlatin capital letter Z with dot below
U+x1E90Ẑlatin capital letter Z with circumflex above
U+x007Azzlatin small letter Z
U+x017Aźźlatin small letter Z with an acute
U+x017Cżżlatin small letter Z with dot above
&#158 is non-standard! use ž instead!
U+x017Ežžlatin small letter Z with caron
U+x1E93ẓlatin small letter z with dot below
U+x1E91ẑlatin small letter Z with circumflex above
U+x017Fſſlatin small letter with long S
CodeGlyphDecimal or HexHTMLDescription
U+x00C6ÆÆÆlatin capital letter AE
U+x01E2ǢǢlatin capital letter AE with macron above
U+x00E6ææælatin small letter ae
U+x01E3ǣǣlatin small letter ae with macron above
U+x01C4DŽDŽDZ with a caron
U+x01C5DžDžDz with a caron
U+x01C6dždždz with a caron
U+x014AŊŊlatin capital letter Eng
U+x014Bŋŋlatin small letter Eng
U+x00D0ÐÐÐlatin capital letter ETH
U+x00F0ðððlatin small letter eth
U+x00DFßßßlatin small letter sharp s = ess-zed
U+x0132IJIJLatin Capital Ligature IJ
U+x0133ijijLatin Small Ligature IJ
U+x0138ĸĸlatin small letter Kra
&#140 is non-standard! use Πinstead!
U+x0152ŒŒŒLatin Capital Ligature OE
&#156 is non-standard! use œ instead!
U+x0153œœœLatin Small Ligature OE
U+x00DEÞÞÞlatin capital letter THORN
U+x00FEþþþlatin small letter thorn
CodeGlyphDecimal or HexHTMLDescription

Additional Macrons (not yet implemented, looking for codes for these)

Some found in range 1E00-1EFF
C -
c̄ c - U+E000 -
P -
p -
Q -
q -
S -
s -
X -
x -

More International Character Entities (added to letters above yet, not added to birthday program update yet, added to sorted by diacritic page)
CodeGlyphDecimal or HexHTMLDescription
CodeGlyphDecimal or HexHTMLDescription
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